Friday, September 16, 2011

The Coming Soon are Now Showing (Part 3)

I had this idea of Windmills on the kitchen linens so MALOU was tasked to find a willing tailor who turned out to be a good embroider too. She found her subject at Cainta market so Voila, my dream for the linens came through, but as I looked around the kitchen I thought something's not right- my sense of balance is offended when I caught a glace at the curtains. You guessed right, they too received the same embroidery treatment as the linens.

A bottle for Wine? Water? Oil? I'm not sure but I love the windmill.
Another mug and a plate with windmill hand painted by MALOU.

The Coming Soon are Now Showing (Part 2)

Snow Globes

What better place could good cream come from than a Holstein ?
(Holstein-abreed of large dairy cattles)

Pepper and salt your omelet with the Egg shaped shakers.

The Coming soon are Now Showing (Part 1)

The kissing couples

Gifts form thoughtful RELATIVES, FRIENDS, MY DEAREST and my own Personal picks

MY DEAREST found the Pepper Grinder at a Flea market in Bremerhaven, Germany while the Table napkin and Holder are gifts from my big sister Ate BRENDA

The windmill MUGS from "Multiple Choice"