Friday, October 21, 2011

Windmills AROUND me and now On ME

I just Love this Longchamp (TM) canvas bag

I'm running out of space for my windmill decors but I can also wear them. Pasalubongs from DEAREST and SARAH, our daughter-in law.

Alphabetical: Frames - Pens - Plant

 Got a tip from Manang Ver (Virgie) that these table placemats are in stock, so I did'nt lose time to go find and acquire them. They served their purpose on the dining table and retired in storage until I got the idea to FRAME them.

 A cross stiched gift

Before the advent of cellphones, e-mails and cheaper telephone rates, DEAREST and I write to each other daily. Now we give the pens a lot of rest and join my favorite collection.  

What can I say? Tulips and windmills always go together.