Saturday, August 27, 2011

Coming Soon

Kissing couple, Ref magnets, Pepper grinder, Bath/Hand towels, Kitchen towels, Mugs, Table napkins,  shahers, Snow globes, Creamers, Wind chimes, and many more...

My Windmill House

Stepping into my Little Holland.
The house front is painted in brown making the concrete appear almost like real wood. The large blue wind blades mounted at the center makes passers by call it Windmill House, some kids call it Giant Electric Fan, while others call it Helicopter/Airplane. The front lawn is stonescape - pebbles of gray and yellow-orange stones. The miniature windmill mailbox is part of the lawn. PERLITO did the construction. Our efforts are rewarded everytime school kids stay a while to take pictures. The little porch is bedecked with other windmill collectibles - wind chimes, plant hanger, umbrella stand, snow globes and other Holland souvenirs. The miniature windmill mailbox is the profile picture in my FB.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Farming the Dutch way

Here comes the women farmers (DUTCH MAIDS)...

 Bought from the Souvenir shop on the 82nd floor of the Empire State Building, New York

Sitting with Windmills

We sit with them. I found the cloth in a fabric store at Union City, California. MALOU who did the sewing patiently followed my instructions on how to maximize the fabric and getting most of the windmill design on throw pillows.
Through the years the fabric faded so I had one pillow case framed for posterity.

Clogs are made for walking

                                                -CLOGS IN ACTION-

From one clog came clogs of all sizes - small, medium, large , some in pairs others just one either right or left. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Living with Windmills

Candles and Ceramic Candle holders

Living with Windmills

 Framed Windmills and miniature Dutch Clogs

Top to Bottom
Landscape puzzle
Tile puzzle (12 square tiles)
5 individual tiles
Framed Dutch woman farmer

Monday, August 15, 2011

Living with Windmills

With a whole lot, with so many, I have to spread them in the different areas of our small house.  For our Pearl (30th) wedding anniversary, I decided to adorn the living room with 150 or so windmills, 90 % Blue and White in all forms - Tiles (Square and round), Replicas XS-S-M-L-XL, Clocks, Frames (Ceramics , Cross stitched, Place mats, Paper napkins, Wrappers, etc.}, Candle holders and Candles, Ball pens, Dutch woman farmer (Small and Big), Kissing couples, China wares (Plates, Platters, saucers) mounted on walls, on tables and on curios.

For the make over, my ever dependable team MALOU, my niece the amateur artist, executes my ideas on some   ceramics with paint and pentel pen. She also goes on errands for our embroidered windmills. PERLITO, the all around handyman did the carpentry, wood works and painting and KUYA ROD, the framer. Last but not the least, DEAREST (fgbernardo) - the Driller. The minute details  of my ideas were faithfully followed. Thanks TEAM WINDMILL.

Blue and White, White and Blue

      Windmill on Clog

 Dutch Clogs - S-M-L

 Belgium Bells and Windmill Clock

Cookie tin-from Holland Gift Shop at Schipol Airport


Our house is all of 100 sq.m. in floor area that I had to be creative and innovative in showcasing part of my windmill collection. While my DEAREST (fgbernardo) was on board ship, I started imagining, planning and sketching the lay out of what and where each piece will fit. All the paper, cloth, tiles, plates and jigsaw puzzle were framed in all types and sizes. KUYA ROD, the village framer, did the frames. The materials came from calendars, postcards and a cloth scroll of different Dutch windmills. The 3 walls of our common T/B are now filled with windmills. That's the story behind my instant MINI Gallery.